Is your Child’s Development at the right pace?

There are a lot of variations around what age a child should learn specific developmental skills such as walking or talking. Most children develop these skills without any issue. However, some children do not attain these milestones at the appropriate age. Developmental delay and Developmental disabilities are not necessarily the same. However, developmental delays can turn into developmental disability if not treated at the right time. Furthermore, a developmental disability is a long term issue while a developmental delay may improve with intervention or disappear completely once the child catches up.
There are 4 types of developmental delays in a child. The symptoms depend on the type of developmental delay that the child is suffering from.

1. Language or Speech Delays

The ability to communicate with other people effectively or express and receive information to form sentences.

2. Motor Delay

This type of delay affects the child’s ability to coordinate muscles, specially in the arms and legs. Children with such developmental delay may have difficutly holding onto small objects, may have trouble walking up and downstairs or tying shoes.

3. Cognitive Delays

These types of delays affect a child’s intellectual functionality, causing them to be a slow learner. These delays become apparent after a child begins school. A child with cognitive delay may also show difficulty in communicating and playing with others.

4. Social, Emotional and Behavioral Delays

They may have trouble understanding social cues, initiating communication with others, or carrying on two-way conversations.
As a parent, there are various ways you can help your child improve.  At your own home, get them blowing bubbles which strengthen their muscles around the mouth to help them speak or get them to build using blocks or lacing (punch holes in cardboard)can help them refine their motor skills. Staying active is the key and do not push them. Let your child ease in to it.
Above all, trust your instincts. You as a parent, understand your child better than anyone else. If you think that there may be delay in your child’s development, book an appointment with Child Development Experts today!

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